Intentional adornments handcrafted by Jenny 'JFlow' Gordon 

My work is inspired by nature, human connection and emotion. Working with natural, earthy materials is the most healing part for me. Each unique piece is created with intention, I personally select every stone & workable materials. Stones & crystals carry many energies that both give and receive, enhance moods and ground heavy emotions. Combining colors, weights, textures and energies that connect with one another is an artful language spoken only through the soul. That is Element and Flow. Thank you so much for your support! I truly hope each piece is received with the love it was created with.


Featured M A C R A M E

  • Handcrafted Silver

    Hand forged Sterling Silver by Jenny 'JFlow' Gordon. All silver available is artist made, one of a kind pieces that are stamped with maker's mark JFlow.

  • All Natural Stone

    Custom beadwork with all natural stones and gemstones. Choose your own combo of stones, textures and colors or opt for a premade piece.

  • Customs Available

    Choose your own stone and have a piece made into a Silver ring, pendant, cuff and earrings or opt for a custom combo beaded necklace or bracelet.

    Custom Request